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Do you have a website for your company? When was the last time you had it updated? How much did that cost you? Did you know that more people look to websites for company legitimacy and information than other avenues?
Does your company logo create a lasting impression with customers? Is it memorable, eye-catching, and does it clearly convey the image you desire?

Becker Hill Design understands the importance of online presence. We offer a complete design, re-design, hosting, and updating package to keep your message clear. In addition, the value we build in our pricing structure and in every hour of design that goes into customizing each customer's page or logo exhibits our dedication to you. Becker Hill offers a basic pricing structure that includes the premium design, updating and hosting your site. We care about your website after the sale. Your business depends on it. Our business depends on it. We look forward to being of service to you.


With current mobile usage, even in mid- sized markets, and with the continued push towards immediate information gratification - you can continue to expect more website traffic to come from mobile devices.

We are ready to help you stay ahead of the curve with a mobile webiste option.
As advertising revenue dries up in the yellow page books of our youth, we expect to continue to adapt to the customer's growing desire to search out businesses on the internet. Whether they are trying to access your company's info with a traditional computer, tablet, or mobile device - Becker Hill can make sure you are covered.


Currently we offer brief mobile versions of your complete website for mobile devices and complete responsive site options.

We automatically recognize mobile users when they come to your site and redirect them to a more mobile friendly version. There is no need for you to add on extra domain names or to incur extravagent costs to stay connected with your customers in the way that works best for them. We look forward to being of service to you and ultimately to keeping your customers more engaged.


As with all of our sites, we include free monthly updates - because if what you are saying with your site is not relavent, your customers will stop listening.

Studies show that average page views are less than thirty seconds each - which means if you are readying this we have done something extrodinary together!  We must continue to update your content; your pictures, your specials, your newsworthy achievements and Becker Hill Co does this free of charge.  We encourage you and provide this avenue for updates to keep your best foot forward, because this will benefit your business presence most online.

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